KRyS Global USA Energy Advisory – Industry-Experienced Restructuring Advisor Benefits

The oil and gas sector is undergoing significant change that will have far reaching effects on the industry. Management teams must evaluate the impacts these changes will have on their business and position the company to survive the downturn and partake in the upside as conditions improve.

An industry-experienced restructuring advisor can assist management with weighing and addressing key considerations, helping the company to navigate these challenging times.

Considerations for CEOs, CFOs and COOs:

  • Understand the impacts of current commodity price environment on exploration & production companies and its repercussions throughout the oilfield services industry.
  • Understand commodity pricing dynamics on a regional basis relative to benchmark WTI and Henry Hub during significant oversupply and volatile daily price swings.
  • Are your E&P company and its customers prepared for the commodity price volatility?
  • Does your company have adequate liquidity to survive?
  • What cost cutting initiatives can be initiated now to enhance cash flow?
  • What can your vendors do to help, and what can you do to help your vendors?
  • What personnel changes can be made now to position the company for better times?
  • What financial covenants are in jeopardy of being breached in credit agreements/bond indentures?
  • What and how does management communicate with debt and equity stakeholders?
  • What alternatives are available to your company to navigate the current environment?
  • What adjustments to the business model might be needed to prepare for the next cycle?
  • How to analyze, communicate and implement necessary changes during a time of social distancing?

Industry dynamics are changing faster than ever. Time is of the essence in assessing the situation and taking decisive action to position the company to weather the storm.

KRyS Global Energy and Energy Services Restructuring brings the experience necessary to advise company management through the uncertainty. We leverage current management capabilities, complementing them where necessary, rather than inundating companies with large restructuring teams that simply hemorrhage more cash.

The value proposition of partnering with an experienced KRyS Global advisor will be seen soon after the engagement begins and can often make the difference between being well-positioned for the next cycle upturn or succumbing to the elements.