At KRyS Global, our team’s diverse background enables us to provide a range of services to suit the needs of our clients. See how our unique combination of skills can deliver exceptional results.


The languages our people can either speak or write in the languages set out below:



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Our people at KRyS Global have skills and expertise in the following areas:

Board Representation

KRyS Global USA’s associates have a wealth of experience serving as directors on company boards and special committees. Our services are often engaged when a company is going through a restructuring or sale and requires experienced, independent, third-party professionals to provide guidance at a board level. This unique experience and ability distinguishes us from many of our competitors.

Debtor Advisory

KRyS Global USA has more than 25 years of debtor advisory experience. We have the skills and abilities to advise our debtor clients regarding the best practices to stabilize and turn around their business, as well as the ability to guide our clients through the chapter 11 restructuring process. KRyS Global USA has earned a reputation as a valued advisor during any restructuring process. We have advised debtors across multiple industries, including but not limited to: construction, real estate, aerospace, retail, healthcare, agriculture, and consumer products.

Expert Witness Services

KRyS Global USA provides financial expert witness reports, solvency reports, and fairness opinions both in and out of the bankruptcy process. Our associates also have experience serving as experts regarding plan feasibility, interest rate, solvency, reasonably equivalent value, fraud, and other related issues. This ability to provide high quality deposition and expert testimony during litigation sets KRyS Global USA apart from many of its competitors.

Investment Banking Services

Closely related to its debtor and trustee advisory practice, KRyS Global USA provides a number of investment banking services to distressed clients. We have experience in both running and overseeing asset sales either through a §363 bankruptcy process or through a Chapter 11 plan. Our broad contact base of financial buyers allow us to bring value to any sale process. We have experience selling assets in various industries ranging from real estate, to technology/media assets, to consumer products. We also have experience raising debt and equity capital outside of the bankruptcy process and have been successful in recapitalizing numerous businesses.

Secured/Unsecured Creditor Advisory

KRyS Global USA provides a wide array of services to secured creditors in distressed situations. These services include bankruptcy process advisory, DIP lending and credit bidding advisory, interest rate and feasibility testimony, distressed investment/sale advisory, and other related services. We often serve as CRO through the recommendation of secured lender contacts with whom KRyS Global USA has a proven record to serve as a trustworthy, reliable, and independent third-party.


KRyS Global USA has gained the reputation of a trusted and competent third-party intermediary in complex, and oftentimes contentious, distressed situations. Our experience in this area spans from Chapter 11 trustee appointments in complex Chapter 11 bankruptcies to CRO appointments in distressed, ownership conflict situations. As CRO, we have been asked to take various responsibilities ranging from managing the day-to-day cash flow of the business to overseeing the sale and disbursement of estate assets. KRyS Global USA has also served in numerous liquidation trustee roles. Our broad experience in the restructuring space, our unique combination of banking, accounting, and legal skills, and our broad connections in the restructuring and private equity industry, make KRyS Global USA a perfect choice for trustee-related positions.