Krys Experts Give Guidance for Fraud and Asset Recovery

Angela Barkhouse and Mathew Clingerman, two of KRyS Global’s foremost leaders in the conduct of fraud investigations and recovering assets, in conjunction with CDR Essential Intelligence and contributing editor Keith Oliver of Peters and Peters, have had papers published on Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery. This represents the first edition of CDR’s Essential Intelligence – Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery. Angela reflects on the position in the Cayman Islands, while Mat shares the situation in Bermuda.

We refer you to the following links:
CDR Essential Intelligence – Bermuda
CDR Essential Intelligence – Cayman Islands

Angela and Mat were selected by the Global Legal Group among the leading experts in their practice areas. GLG encourages participating law firms and experts to engage with each other when seeking legal advice outside of their jurisdictions to create a unique informal referral network.

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