KRyS Global Joins TMA Panel on Chapter 15

Chapter 15 of the U.S Bankruptcy Code turned 15 earlier this year.  To help commemorate the occasion our own James Leda, Managing Director of KRyS Global’s U.S. office, recently served as a panelist on the Turnround Management Association (TMA) webinar titled: “Chapter 15 – The Next Wave of Opportunities for U.S. Restructuring Professionals?” The panel […]

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Krys Tells FairField Story 10 Years After

Kenneth Krys was recently invited by ReOrg Research to answer questions on Fairfield Sentry ten years after the Madoff disclosure of the Ponzi scheme. The podcast episode with Ken’s interview is now available for listening and sharing on SoundCloud (link) and iTunes (link). Reorg subscribers also now have access to a copy of Ken’s article. […]

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Chasing & Dealing with Assets of Post-Soviet Oligarchs

Chasing & Dealing with Assets of Post-Soviet Oligarchs from KRyS Global on Vimeo After the dissolution of the old Soviet Union, a class of businessmen acquired fast and dramatic wealth arising from the privatization.  Some of that wealth afforded them the ability to acquire vast assets outside Russia and the other CIS member states.  Ultimately disputes […]

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Navigating Offshore Trust Disputes

Managing Director of KRyS Global Bermuda, Mathew Clingerman leads a panel of legal and forensic accounting professionals in a discussion of Offshore Trust Disputes.

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The Squeeze Out: Valuing Minority Interests

KRyS Global’s Simon Cook, Director in BVI hosted an informative webinar to review issues relevant to valuing a minority interest. Along with the help of Thomas Williams of FootAnstey, Simon examines the definitions of value, consider value in the context of dissent, oppression and transaction disputes and explain valuation methodologies and minority discounts.

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Lending an Offshore Hand

Lending An Offshore Hand from KRyS Global on Vimeo. KRyS Global, offshore asset recovery and business restructuring specialists, together with Borelli Walsh, use their local knowledge and expertise to achieve practical solutions that maximize value for lenders exposed to distressed offshore assets. View this complimentary webinar to hear from our speakers on current trends and […]

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Follow the Money… even Offshore

KRyS Global, offshore liquidators and forensic investigators, pursue recovery of assets worldwide and follow the money trail. View this recording of our live webinar to learn more about: Using the powers of a liquidator to obtain information from the offshore and onshore world. Using technology to speed up processes and assist in the analysis Explore […]

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Chapter 15 A Foreign Representative’s Perspective

KRyS Global, having succeeded in five Chapter 15 cases, is excited to share with you their experience in pursuing Chapter 15 applications and perspective on the benefits achieved. Join this complimentary live webinar to learn more about the Chapter 15 process: the benefits of obtaining US recognition. An insight into the unique hurdles faced by […]

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